Kurume, Fukuoka
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受付時間 9:00~18:00



Natural food kaiseki as it is, a gift from the earth

"The kitchen of Fukahoritei

When the morning sun rises and the evening sun sets
Fukahoritei is filled with a happy aroma."

We use only locally grown vegetables and carefully selected seasonal ingredients, and we do not use any food additives.
We hope you will enjoy our flavorful cuisine.


A healthful "natural kaiseki" meal using seasonal ingredients while enjoying the view of the quietly illuminated garden.
The cuisine is handmade without using any additives, and can only be enjoyed here.
The menu changes daily, using only the best seasonal ingredients available at the time of purchase.


The morning at Fukahoritei begins with the sound of the first cockcrow.
The rice is cooked in a warm earthenware pot and includes nutritious 16-grain rice, freshly laid eggs, fresh vegetable salad, vegetable juice, and more,
We offer a variety of healthful Japanese dishes."


Breakfast and dinner are served in the restaurant (tatami room or chair/table).
(*Nagi" rooms are available for meals in the room.

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The taste of Fukahori House
at home

You can purchase minor grains, seasonings, and sake used at Fukahoritei for your home or as a gift.