Kurume, Fukuoka
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Bringing a historic old house back to the home of many people

The story spun by Fukahori tei


The first encounter with "Fukahoritei" began with a phone call.
A couple living in an old house dating back to the Edo period had decided to sell the house, and they wanted us to take it over.

The old house stands so quietly that you would think you had wandered into another dimension, the fresh breeze blowing through your body, the breath of life in each of the four seasons...

AAfter five years of planning, the Fukahoritei was reborn as the "Natural Rural Hot Spring Fukahoritei" in hopes that more people will experience this wonderful space.

Fukahoritei commitment


The Fukahoritei consists of five detached houses on an approximately 4,000-tsubo site.

Beams, pillars, earthen floors, and clay walls from the former Fukahoritei are used throughout the facility, and the rooms are all made of natural materials, including pesticide-free tatami mats, plaster walls, and pillars colored with persimmon tannin.


The "pH 9.7 miraculous hot water for beautiful skin" is smooth as milky fluid from the hot spring source. Our dishes are prepared with locally grown pesticide-free vegetables and cereals, and we do not use any additives, even in the seasonings.

Please enjoy the comfort and relaxation at Fukahoritei, where your body and mind will be healed and you will feel like taking a deep breath.

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